Take Me to the Water: Hymns and Psalms relating to Baptism

From the Psalter Hymnal (PsH) (CRC Publications, 1987) and the Presbyterian Hymnal (PH) (Westminster/John Knox Press, 1990)

Hymns dealing explicitly with baptism: PsH PH
Almighty God, Great Father, Lord and King 273  
Baptized In Water 269 492
Child of Blessing, Child of Promise  498   
Dearest Jesus, We Are Here   493   
Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lord Most Dear     496 
O God, Great Father, Lord and King   274   
Our Children, Lord, in Faith and Prayer   270   
Out of Deep, Unordered Water  494   
The Lord Our God in Mercy Spoke    275 
We Know That Christ is Raised  271  495
With Grateful Hearts Our Faith Professing  497  
Wonder of Wonders, Here Revealed    499
You Are Our God, We Are Your People  272   
Hymns relating directly to baptism:   
Christ, You Are the Fullness  229 346
Christ, When For Us You Were Baptized    70
Fear Not, Rejoice and Be Glad  201  
For the Gift of God the Spirit    416
For the Glories of God's Grace    223
How Firm a Foundation  500 631
In the Beginning Was the Word Eternal     218
In the Fish for Three Days Buried  202  
Lift High the Cross  373 371
Lift Your Hearts to the Lord  515  
Lord, When You Came to Jordan  71  
O Christ, the Great Foundation    443
O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High  364  
Spirit of God, Unleashed on Earth  124  
This Joyful Eastertide  403  
When Jesus Came to Jordan    72
Hymns with baptismal imagery:   
As a Chalice Cast of Gold  336  
Blessed Assurance  490 341
Christ, the Life of All the Living  371  
Christ, You Are the Fullness  229 346
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing  486 356
Come, You (Ye) Faithful, Raise the Strain  389 114
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken  506 446
God Himself Is with Us  244  
God Is Here  516 461
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah  543 281
Holy Spirit, Lord of Love  524  
How Great Is the Love of the Father  231  
I Will Sing unto the Lord  152  
In the Presence of Your People    160
Jesus Lives and So Do We    399
Jesus, Lover of My Soul  578 303
Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor     154
Lord, I Want to Be a Christian  264 372
Lord, You Give the Great Commission  523 429
Love God with All Your Soul and Strength  155  
My Lord, I Did Not Choose You  496  
Now Thank We All Our God  454 555
O Day of Radiant Gladness  470  
O God, Be Gracious to Me  167  
O My People, Turn to Me  200  
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven  475  
Surely It is God Who Saves Me  193  
Tell Out, My Soul   478  
The Church's One Foundation  502 442
The Fruit of the Spirit  224  
Thee We Adore, O Hidden Savior    519
Today We All Are Called to Be Disciples  434  
What Shall I Render to the Lord  178  
Wild and Lone, the Prophet's Voice  409  
We All Are One in Mission  435  
We Are Your People    436

Psalm settings and paraphrases relating to baptism: PsH PH
Psalm 8: God's goodness in creation
  O Lord, Our God, How Excellent   162
  Lord, Our Lord, Thy (Your) Glorious Name 8 163
  O God of Earth and Space   274
Psalm 23: God's nurturing care
  The Lord My Shepherd Rules My Life 23   
  (He leads me, restores my soul) 170  174
  The Lord's My Shepherd 161   
  Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us 591 387
Psalm 25:  Lord, to You My Soul Is Lifted   25 
Psalm 29:  God's voice thunders above the waters
  The God of Heaven    180   
Psalm 32:  God cleanses us from sin     
  How Blest Are Those 32 184
Psalms 42-43:  The deer longs for streams of water
  As Deer Long for Streams    189
  As a Deer in Want of Water  42  
  My Soul Is Thirsting for the Lord  190  
Psalm 51:  God forgives
  Have Mercy on Us, Living Lord 195  
  Psalm 151 196
  Be Merciful, Be Merciful, O God    51
  God, Be Merciful to Me   255  
Psalm 71:  In You, O Lord, I Put My Trust   71
Psalm 72:  Justice shall flow from God's grace     
  Psalm 72  204  
Psalm 84:  How Lovely Is Your House, O Lord  84  
  How Lovely, Lord, How Lovely 207  
  How Lovely Is Your Dwelling  243  
Psalm 95:  God calls us each by name, and leads us to sweet waters
  Now with Joyful Exultation
  Come, Sing with Joy to God    215  
Psalm 98:  Rivers clap their hands; waters sing; righteousness flows down
  New Songs of Celebration Render 218  
  To God Compose a Song of Joy 219  
Psalm 100:  All People That on Earth Do Dwell 100 220
Psalm 103:  Come Praise the Lord, My Soul 103  
  O My Soul, Bless Your Redeemer 223  
  O Come, My Soul, Sing Praise to God 297  
Psalm 105:  Trumpet the Name! Praise Be to Our Lord  105  
Psalm 111:  O Give the Lord Wholehearted Praise  111   
Psalm 115:  Not unto Us, O Lord of Heaven 115 227
Psalm 116:  What Shall We Render to the Lord
  What Shall I Render to the Lord   178  
Psalm 118:   We enter God's gates (through baptism), receive grace and walk in righteousness
  Give Thanks to God for All His Goodness
  This Is the Day the Lord Has Made  230  
  Psalm 118 231, 232  
Psalm 119:  Blessed Are Those Who Heed the Law of God
  Blest Are the Uncorrupt in Heart   233  
Psalm 126:  God delivers, and God irrigates dry souls
  When God Delivered Israel   237  
Psalm 130:  God washes away our stains; we are born of the Spirit
  Out of the Depths 240  
Psalm 133:  God heals, anoints and refreshes us
  Behold the Goodness of the Lord  241  
Psalm 134:  God illumines us and blesses us
  Come All You Servants of the Lord 242  
Psalm 139:  Lord, You Have Searched My Life and Know
  You Are Before Me, Lord  248  
Psalm 145:  God's grace is rich, and sends us forth in mission
  I Will Exalt My God and King  145  
  O Lord, You Are My God and King 252  

(Compiled by Arlo D. Duba, based on work done by Rev. Kathryn Nichols)

Arlo D. Duba (1929-2023) was professor of worship and dean of the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. Duba's contributions to thoughtful, rich, and Biblically rooted worship practices continue to bless the church. 



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