All God's People: Indonesia

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Indonesia is the largest archipelago nation in the world, with over 13,000 islands; about 6,000 are inhabited by 350 ethnic groups with different cultures and languages. The country is about 90 percent Muslim. “Come, Praise God! Sing Hallelujah!” was written by Subronto Kusumo Atmodjo, a conductor and composer who was born on the island of Java. In 1965 he was jailed without trial on suspicion of being a communist; while in prison, he became a Christian. His testimony has become a great encouragement to Christians in Indonesia.

Use the refrain from “Come, Praise God” as words of assurance following either of the following prayers. Sing lively, with a sense of awe and praise for God’s renewing grace.

Soft the Master’s love song,
and beautiful to hear:
“Come to me, you poor,
all who stumble in distress;
relief from toil I offer,
come to me for rest.” Refrain

“If you’re burdened down,
let me bear the strain for you.
You must not despair:
through my Easter, death has died.
So journey on with courage;
I am by your side.” Refrain

Jesus, you are strong;
I am weak, a foolish child;
I will turn to you,
boast in you alone, my friend.
Your words give life to live by,
love that has no end. Refrain

—Rudolf Pantou (Indonesia), from Prayers Encircling the World

O Lord Jesus, you are full of mercy,
and also the almighty in this world.
Every day with you is better than the day before.
I am aware of your presence inside, always,
even though my condition is like this.
Only you can share in my sufferings.
Oh, I am convinced that whatever sorrow I feel,
you certainly feel it too.
My fellowship with you is priceless.
What can we do without Jesus?
You never leave your people in trouble;
our debt is so big.
If we look to the Savior who suffered,
we receive medicine for our souls. Amen.

—a leprosy patient (Indonesia), from A Procession of Prayers . Compilation © John Carden, 1998. Reprinted by permission of Morehouse Publishing.

Linda Kay Strouf ( is adjunct assistant professor of music at Hope College, Holland, Michigan. She is also minister of music at Third Reformed Church in Holland.


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