Clip-Art Publications for Banners, Bulletins, and Other Liturgical Artwork

Many catalogs carry titles of clip-art and banner books. As you might expect, the more liturgical traditions have more to offer, especially Roman Catholic and Lutheran publishers. All the books listed below are available as indicated from the following publishers:

Augsburg Fortress    1-800-848-2738
Concordia Publishing
House                       1-800-325-3040
Liturgy Training
Publications                 1-800-933-1800
Resource Publications   1-800-736-7600
Sheed & Ward          1-800-333-7373
The Liturgical Press     1-800-858-5450
[including Pueblo Publishing Company materials]
The Pilgrim Press     1-800-537-3394

Banners for Worship. Carol Jean Harms. St. Louis, MO: Concordia Publishing House, © 1988.112 pp., $8.95. ISBN 0-570-04492-8 Imaginative designs plus complete construction and hanging instructions make this book a must for your churchs banner-making committee. We've used some of the ideas in this book for RW.

Banners with Pizazz, Diane Guelzow. San Jose, CA: Resource Publications, Inc., 1992. 109 pp., $14.95. ISBN 0-89390-208-X This author exceeds the normal limits on banner construction: "Banners can be sparkling aromatic, wind catchers that draw attention and stir emotion" Fifty drawings and sixteeii color illustrations demonstrate her ideas.

Christian Symbols Handbook: Commentary and Patterns for Traditional and Contemporary Symbols. Dean Moe with Avis Benson. Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg Publishing House, © 1985. 95 pp., $13.95. Easily reproducible designs on graphs make banner construction easy. Commentary on the symbols could be used with the congregation to explain what the banner symbols represent.

Clip-Art: Blockprints for Sundays—Cycles A + B + C New rev. ed. Helen Siegel. New York: Pueblo Publishing Co., © 1984,1990. 75 pp., $1750. ISBN 0-916134-66-0 Organized according to the Roman Calendar, the Common Lectionary, and Scripture, this easy-to-use publication is filled with interesting woodcuts.

Clip Art for the Liturgical Year. Clemens Schmidt; Joshua J. Jeide, O.S.B., ed. Col-legeville, MN: The Liturgical Press. © 1988 by the Order of St Benedict, Inc. 117 pp., $15.95. ISBN 0-8146-1582-1. This publication follows the Liturgical Year. The line drawings and calligraphy offer a wealth of illustration opportunities. Index includes Scripture references with possible illustrations for each verse.

Clip Art for Bulletins and Beyond. George Collopy. San Jose, CA: Resource Publications, © 1988. 125 pp., $14.95. ISBN 0-89390-124-5 Includes Renaissance artwork, symbols repeated in various sizes, and such practical items as numbers and letters for bulletins or banners.

Clip-Art for Celebrations and Service. Gertrud Mueller Nelson. New York: Pueblo Publishing Co., © 1987 92 pp. $15.00. ISBN 0-916134-83-0 Clip-art for all church occasions and activities, from liturgical art to youth group gatherings to birthdays. Organized around the church year by month and broken into the categories of "church and school" and "family and community" in each month.

Clip-Art for Communicating the Good News. Jean Morningstar, S.N.J.M. San Jose, CA: Resource Publications, © 1992. 128 pp., $14.95. ISBN 0-89390-160-1 Full-sized, 8x11 clip-art pages for all occasions. One sample of art per page, placed to the right or the left of the page, leaves plenty of space for typing or printing information.

Clip-Art for Feasts and Seasons. Gertrud Mueller Nelson. New York: Pueblo Publishing Co., © 1980, 1982. 66 pp., $15.95. ISBN 0-916134-41-5 Contains beautiful calligraphy combined zoiih appealing artwork. Includes illustrations from Bible stories that are sure to capture the congregations imagination, whether used on a banner or in a bulletin.

Clip-Art for Year A Steve Erspamer, SM. Chicago, IL: Liturgy Training Publications. © 1992, Archdiocese of Chicago. 85 pp., $25.00. ISBN 0-929650-59-X A complete introduction on She artist on copyright, and on uses for the artwork leaves no question unanswered Contains stylized, and some multicultural designs.

Clip Art of the Christian World: Christian Art from Its Origins to the Fifteenth Century. Brother Aelred-Seton Shanley, ed. New York: Pueblo Publishing Co., © 1990.174 pp., $29.95. ISBN 0-925127-04-3 This book delivers what the title promises through detailed, fascinating line drawings. The book begins with the annunciation and goes through the Advent, Easter and Passion cycles, finishing with representations of Christ's transfiguration.

Even More Clip Art for the Liturgical Year. Placid Stuckenschneider, QS.B. Col-legeville, MN: The Liturgical Press. © 1992 by the Order of St. Benedict, Inc. 125 pp., $15.95. ISBN 0-8146-2169-4 Distinctive and bold designs for all occasions from The Liturgical Presss staff artist The designs will be perhaps too complex to use on banners, but would be very appropriate to reproduce on bulletin covers.

Extraordinary Banners for Ordinary Times. George Collopy. San Jose, CA: Resource Publications, © 1992. 228 ppr $11.95. ISBN 0-89390-255-X Simple designs printed on grids for banner-making along wiflifuU explanations of the symbols, make this book extremely useful.

Its a Banner Year! New Directions in No-Word Banners. George Collopy. San Jose, CA: Resource Publications, © 1990.211 pp., $11.95. ISBN 0-89390-176-8 This books subtitle is an apt summary of the contents. The author suggests using materials such as mylar, leatlier and foil in banner construction, and provides easy-to-use diagrams to facilitate assembly.

More Clip Art for the Liturgical Year. Placid Stuckenschneider, QS.B. Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press. 86 pp., $15.95. ISBN 0-8146-1952-2 Our review copy began on page 33 and didn't provide any pricing or copyright information. Still a full index naming each design makes this a useful tool.

Our Christian Symbols. Friedrich Rest, illustrated by Harold Minton. Cleveland, OH: The Pilgrim Press, © 1954,1959. Eleventh printing, 1990. 86 pp., $4.95. ISBN 0-8298-0099-9. A complete explanation of the symbols we use in Christian worship—from the members of he Trinity to new creation symbols. The illustrations in this book arenl very useful for photocopying, but could be easily imitated.

Quilt Patterns: Women of the Bible. Suzanne Schaffhausen and Judy Rehmel. Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg Fortress, © 1991. 32 pp., $795. ISBN 0-8066-2581-3 Telling the stories of women such as Eve, Esther Mary and Martha, and Dorcas through quilt work is the idea behind this book Includes full-scale patterns for easy use.

Religious Clip Art Book Claudia Ortega. Kansas City, MO: Sheed & Ward, © 1989. 32 pp., $24.95. ISBN 1-55612-311-6 Simple, realistic line drawings and full-scale Bible stories in art and print set this book apart from other clip-art collections.

Michael A. Vander Klipp is an editor for Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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