News and Notes

CICW Begins Second Decade

On the tenth anniversary in 2007 of the founding of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship (CICW), director John D. Witvliet wrote:

We identified ten core principles and practices to present as our central convictions about vital Christian worship. We pray that these ten convictions have already been at the heart of our work so far, and we pledge that they will be even more formative . . . in the work that lies ahead of us.

Since 1998, CICW has been grateful to receive support from the Lilly Foundation, Inc. Reformed Worship is grateful to have been the recipient of some of those funds, along with much encouragement and support from CICW. For more information, including a copy of the Ten Core Convictions, with resources for their use, see

A Newly Forming World Communion of Reformed Churches

Two international ecumenical Reformed bodies—World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) and Reformed Ecumenical Council (REC)—made a historic decision to merge. Their first assembly will be held on June 18-28, 2010, at Calvin College. The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship has been asked to assist in worship planning along with an international team that will meet in January 2009 in connection with the next Calvin Symposium on Worship (Jan. 29-31, 2009).

WARC is the oldest Christian ecumenical organization, representing 75 million Christians in 214 denominations in 107 countries. REC is younger, composed mainly of young denominations especially in Africa and Asia; REC represents 12 million Reformed Christians in 39 denominations in 25 countries; The new alliance will work to encourage the renewal of Reformed worship and spiritual life as a global family of God’s people.

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