In Life and In Death

It isn’t fun or exciting to talk about aging or death. So we don’t. Maybe we think that by ignoring it we can pretend neither reality exists. North American culture has been particularly adept at sanitizing death and coming up with any number of products to disguise the reality of aging. The result is that we aren’t honest with others, ourselves, or God about the challenges and fears that surround either aging or death. It also means that we often don’t honor or celebrate the older adults in our communities.

This issue of Reformed Worship isn’t particularly fun or exciting. But it is important. So I hope you will take time to read the articles, to reflect, and to share the articles or reflections with others in your worshiping community. As the body of Christ we need to do a better job of celebrating our older adults and supporting them. As the body of Christ we need to do a better job of talking about death and preparing for it. And as we speak of death and dying, let us also give room for all to grieve in their own ways and times, even in and through worship, but to do so within the larger context of the redemption story and the hope of the resurrection.

In life and in death, we belong to God.

Rev. Joyce Borger is senior editor of Reformed Worship and a resource development specialist at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.

Reformed Worship 132 © June 2019, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Used by permission.