Liked Anniversary Resources

Bethel Christian Reformed Church of London, Ontario, just celebrated its 25th anniversary. What a Spirit-filled time of fellowship and worship we had! Our anniversary committee used many of the ideas given in "A Time to Celebrate" (RW 26). The idea of writing an anniversary song was especially well-received. A "25th Anniversary Song of Dedication" was written by my mother, Mrs. Harmi-na Kobes; our organist, Mr. Clarence Bootsma, composed the music. The song was based on our theme "Growing in Service" (1 Cor. 12:12-27). Its simple melody and inspiring words were moving to many members of Bethel CRC, a congregation that had just undergone an event-filled year.

Harmina De Smit
London, ON

Useful to Merging Congregations

We are just now in the process of merging two congregations and at various levels are talking about adopting one or the other's past practices. We look forward to the theme issue on worship ritual (RW 33) in that we may adopt some "third party" rituals, thus emphasizing the newness of beginning. Keep up the good work. Reformed Worship is well used around here!

Gerrit J. Bomhof
Winnipeg, MB

A Good Trend

Just a note to encourage you forward in your good work. What an excellent magazine! Quality from cover to cover. I am noting in my own church (which has characteristically been into a "low" liturgical style), as well as in neighboring Christian Reformed churches, a new interest in liturgy. I see a revival of the use of Christian symbols and a movement toward a more "aesthetic worship style" (for lack of a better phrase). As I pondered the gathering trend in those directions, Reformed Worship was mentioned more often then not. I believe it's a positive trend. Keep it coming!

S. Vandenberg
Nowal, ON

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