Pentecost Prayers of the People

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This prayer was used in a Pentecost service. Though the Spirit is not explicitly mentioned throughout, the Spirit is part of all that the Godhead does. This prayer, though appropriate for Pentecost, can easily be used and adapted for any worship service, particularly one with the theme of hope.


God of Abraham,

God of movement,

asking us to follow,

inviting us to journey

out from familiar places,

God who sees underneath

intentions below the surface,

tears waiting behind our smiles,

doubt accompanying faith,

God of words,

Word that made the heavens,

stars created by the breath of your mouth,

speak a creative word to us.

We bring to you a new song of confession,

asking for your forgiveness.

When we push our bodies beyond their borders,

satisfying demands rather than stewarding your temple,

because you are merciful, forgive us.

When we demand blessing as a response to our obedience,

presuming we can earn your favor,

because of your understanding, forgive us.

When we despair of pressing forward,

fearing the fount of miracles has run dry,

because of your glory, forgive us.

Hoping against all hope,

we pray for people living beneath the weight of oppression,

displacement, and violence.

Because of your justice, help us bring peace.

For those of us who struggle to follow,

constrained by affection for comfort and control,

because of your purposes, loose our bonds.

And for the ones to whom life has dealt a seemingly final

blow, face to the concrete, too exhausted to move,

because of your tenderness, take us by the hand and raise us up.

Spirit of the living God,

we invite you tonight to wring the death out of our hearts

and saturate our souls with your breath, life, faith.

Hoping against all hope

we lay defeat aside.

We grab for the corner of your cloak

and wait for a miracle.

Aminah Bradford ( is an associate chaplain at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a position she shares with her husband, Nathaniel. She did her M.Div. work at Regent College in British Colombia and is currently pursuing ordination in the CRC.

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