Ascension Day

“A cloud received him out of their sight.”

—Acts 1:9


When Christ went up to Heaven the Apostles stayed

Gazing at Heaven with souls and wills on fire,

Their hearts on flight along the track He made,

Winged by desire.

Their silence spake: “Lord, why not follow Thee?

Home is not home without Thy Blessed Face,

Life is not life. Remember, Lord, and see,

Look back, embrace.

“Earth is one desert waste of banishment,

Life is one long-drawn anguish of decay.

Where Thou wert wont to go we also went:

Why not today?”

Nevertheless a cloud cut off their gaze:

They tarry to build up Jerusalem,

Watching for Him, while thro’ the appointed days

He watches them.

They do His Will, and doing it rejoice,

Patiently glad to spend and to be spent:

Still He speaks to them, still they hear His Voice

And are content.

For as a cloud received Him from their sight,

So with a cloud will He return ere long:

Therefore they stand on guard by day, by night,

Strenuous and strong.

They do, they dare, they beyond seven times seven

Forgive, they cry God’s mighty word aloud:

Yet sometimes haply lift tired eyes to Heaven—

“Is that His cloud?”

—Christina Rossetti (1830–1894), P.D.

Christina Rossetti (1830—1894) was an English poet who wrote a variety of romantic, devotional, and children’s poems. She penned the famous Christmas carol “In the Bleak Midwinter.”

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