A Pentecost Prayer for Our Journey

As we enter the season of Pentecost it is good to be reminded that the Holy Spirit came not to make a splash and then exit again, but to continue the work that Christ was doing. The Holy Spirit continues to be active in the world, and we as followers of Christ are called to join the Spirit’s work. This prayer is for those of us who are on the front lines, working in the trenches, or completing more tedious assignments for God’s glory and the advancement of his kingdom.

O Lord, our gracious God and heavenly Father,

We come before your presence with thanksgiving in our hearts that you are the true and living God. We humbly bow our hearts, our souls, our minds, and even our will before you. For it is because of you, your lovingkindness, and the tender mercies you have bestowed upon us that we’ve been able to move and breathe—or have any being—as of now, today. Thank you for keeping us thus far.

Thank you for the unending love you daily lavish upon us, your people, as we go about our many duties and earthly tasks.

Holy Spirit, we ask you to lead us further into this year. We submit to you our will, our very lives, our ministries, and every work we are called to do; we place them all in your hands. We pray that in anything we do, let it be pleasing, acceptable, and well received unto you.

Texted Prayers

If you have young adults in your life you know that it is almost impossible to get them to speak to you on the phone or respond to an email. But they will text! As you find yourself doing more and more communication via text, consider sharing your prayers through that medium as well! Don’t simply tell people you are praying for them; let them read the prayer.

Here are two examples of prayers I’ve texted. The first was sent after hearing from my daughter that her friend, whom I know quite well, was struggling. The second was in response to a text from a dear friend of our family who was tending to two family members experiencing health crises.

My Son,

There will be days when things may feel a bit overwhelming or even too heavy for your shoulders.

But if you will allow the Lord to come to your rescue, he will carry your load and lift the burden you face.

May your today be BETTER than yesterday.

Praying for YOUR strength.

You are loved; you are special.

You are God’s SON.


Britney’s Mom

*LY=Love You

Good day to You!

Praying for your strength TODAY and in days ahead.

You are loved!

We pray that you, our Great Compass, will take us by the hand and continue to navigate our paths through trails and places seen and to be seen, known and to be known to us. Move us forward, Lord God, to the places, levels, and dimensions you already have set and waiting for your body, those united with you.

Let your divine will be done in us on earth, now, today, as it is in heaven. May your perfect peace rule in the hearts of those who are called to the front lines, those you have positioned in the trenches, and upon those who have tedious assignments that you have graced us with. Thank you for your grace, which ever strengthens us and reminds us that we are never lost, never overlooked, never forgotten in our labors for the kingdom.

May the light of your love shine more brightly upon us to be seen in a very dark and dismal world that needs you. Oh, how we always need your love!

We bless you and thank you by faith for where you are taking us, and pray that as our hope remains, your glory may forever be revealed in the lives of your people.


April Jackson pastors alongside her husband at Grace Unlimited CRC in Los Angeles, California, and they have four children and three grandsons. She is a teacher, a psalmist, and a passionate worshiper. She’s devoted to building, educating, and encouraging others in their physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. April has a tremendous love for writing, drawing, and calligraphy.

Reformed Worship 131 © March 2019, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Used by permission.