Video: Sing and Rejoice...Guiding Young Singers

Helen Kemp. St. Louis: Concordia. 85 minutes, VHS 87-0231, $39.95.

Mrs. Helen Kemp, well known for her work with children, demonstrates in a most enthusiastic way on this video a variety of methods that can be used in children's choir rehearsals. Through a pre-worship rehearsal with a children's choir, Kemp exhibits ways of helping children develop good singing habits and encouraging children to express the joy of music and convey the message of the gospel through their music.

This video would be of value for directors of both children and adult choirs. You may even want to show parts of the video to your children, since the best way to teach children (and directors) is by example. If you have never been to a workshop with Helen Kemp, viewing this video is the next best opportunity to glean ideas and inspiration from this experienced leader.

Charlotte Larsen is music director of Ann Arbor (Mich.) Christian Reformed Church.


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