2006 Conferences

St. Catherines, Ontario, September 23
Jubilee Christian Reformed Church
Worship workshop led by Howard Vanderwell, Norma deWaal Malefyt, and Steven Koster. Contact www.calvinseminary.edu/continuingEd.

Palos Heights, Illinois, September 27
Trinity Christian College
Faith Engaged: The Church in Today’s World
Led by Wesley Granberg-Michaelson and members of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship with breakouts, dinner, and lecture open to the public from 3:30-8:30 p.m. Contact www.calvinseminary.edu/continuingEd.

Orange City, Iowa, September 30
Calvary Christian Reformed Church
Worship workshop led by Howard Vanderwell and Norma deWaal Malefyt. Contact www.calvinseminary.edu/continuingEd.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 12
Calvin Theological Seminary
Fall Preaching Conference featuring Frederick Dale Bruner and Timothy Brown. Contact www.calvinseminary.edu/continuingEd.

Little Rock, Arkansas, October 20-21
St. James United Methodist Church
Niagara Falls, Ontario, October 27-28
Lundy’s Lane United Church
Growing a Children’s Choir Program in the 21st Century: Developing Musical Skills and Expanding Your Repertoire; led by Michael Hawn. Contact www.choristersguild.org.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 27-28
Oakdale Park Christian Reformed Church
Building a Caring Congregation
Conference will focus on how to equip a congregation to be a more caring and kind community. Presenters include Jim Kok, Crystal Cathedral; Angela Taylor Perry, Church of the Servant; Scott Halstead, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services; Mel Hugen, Bob DeVries, Susan De Vries, and Ron Nydam, Calvin Theological Seminary; and Barb Newman, Christian Learning Center. Contact www.calvinseminary.edu/continuingEd.

Edmonton, Alberta, October 30-31
Preaching Seminar led by Duane Kelderman of Calvin Theological Seminary. Contact www.calvinseminary.edu/continuingEd.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, November 4
Various locations downtown.
Art Is Everywhere II
Led by Timothy Botts, Betsy Steele-Halstead, Chris Overvoorde, and Phil Schaafsma. Contact www.calvinseminary.edu/continuingEd.

For additional events related to worship visit www.calvinseminary.edu/continuingEd.

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