June 18, 2015

Prayers for Emmanuel AME Church and All Who Grieve

How long O Lord, how long?

How long will our news be filled with reports of violence?

How long will neighbor turn against neighbor with words, and fists, and guns?

Why are people filled with such fear and anger that they desire to kill?

Sovereign God we cry “Lord have mercy!”


Sing: Kyrie Eleison (such as Lift Up Your Hearts #637 or another appropriate refrain.)


Sovereign God, we pray for comfort and healing.

Comfort for those who mourn the senseless killing of your people.

Surround the families and community of Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina,

surround them with people who can meet their physical needs,

people who can listen to their pain,

people who are willing to sit in silence, to hold them up.

Surround those who grieve with people who will hold the faith for them,

who will pray, and sing, and worship on their behalf when they can’t.

Help each person in this community to turn to you and not the world for answers

for you are the source of healing and comfort.


Sing: Kyrie Eleison

Sovereign God, we turn to you because you are Lord.

We declare that you are over all even when we wonder why such tragedy happens.

We declare that you are victorious even when we feel defeated.

We look forward with hope to the day when there will be no more pain even when we are in the midst of grief.


Come, Lord Jesus Come.