Book: Hymn Texts in the Aboriginal Languages of Canada

Hugh McKellar. Published by the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada, 1992. 56 pages. Available from The Hymn Society, Texas Christian University, PO Box 30854, Fort Worth, TX 76129; (800) 843-4966.

Hymn Texts in the Aboriginal Languages of Canada consists of three essays: a history of the hymns, a bibliography of hymnals, and an essay on the Huron carol, "'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime" (see p. 43). Probably because the word 'American" is so associated with the United States, the term "aboriginal" was chosen over "Native American" by Canada's native peoples. Bert Polman, current director of research for the Hymn Society, wrote the Introduction.

Hugh McKellar was certainly a good choice as author for these essays; he draws from wide knowledge in many fields, and he writes with clarity and wit. Readers of Reformed Worship will enjoy the background to the Huron carol, which bears little resemblance today to the original, but is yet a delightful Christmas carol.

Emily R. Brink ( is Senior Research Fellow for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and former editor of Reformed Worship.


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