Baptism Banner

Faye Fredericks, member of Georgetown Christian Reformed Church in Hudsonville, Michigan, designed this baptismal banner based on Deuteronomy 4:9 and 6:4, where parents are instructed to teach the truths of God to their children and to their children after them. The banner is constructed with solid colors of the rainbow for each figure. The figures represent the successive generations, beginning with purple at the bottom, moving through navy blue,

royal blue, green, yellow, orange, and ending at the top with red. The color of the drop of water in each figure is repeated from the figure below. The background color is sky blue, representing the water of baptism. The banner was made of poly/cotton and rayon, with each figure filled and quilted for a 3-D effect.


what do you say at the bedside of a dying person? How do you conduct a meaningful Christian funeral? How should you respond when death strikes suddenly and a family needs immediate comfort, support, and direction? What actions are appropriate when an infant dies?

In Life and in Death is a treasury of Scripture readings, prayers, service resources, and guidance for pastors, elders, Christian hospice workers, and others to take along with them when ministering to families and to the Christian community immediately before and after a death.

This convenient, pocket-sized service book, bound in dark-gray leather, contains a variety of valuable liturgical resources:

  • Pastoral advice for visitation
  • Guidance for officebearers and congregation
  • Guidelines and suggestions for funeral music
  • Readings from Scripture and confessions
  • Prayers for a variety of circumstances
  • Four complete funeral services

Service resources in the book are also available on computer disk, formatted for IBM-compatible computers (MS-DOS) in WordPerfect 4.2 and ASCII.

Ordering information

Leather edition
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Available in Fall 1992
$24.95US/$28.70 CDN

Computer disk
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Available in Fall
$10.00 US/
$12.00 CDN

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