Sam Hamstra, Jr.

Guest blogger Sam Hamstra Jr. is an affiliate professor of worship and church history at Northern Seminary (Lombard, Illinois), as well as founder and leader of ChapterNext, a Chicagoland-based pastor search firm and church consultancy dedicated to helping congregations open new chapters of dynamic and life-transforming ministry. A veteran pastor, worship leader, and musician, he is also author of Principled Worship: Biblical Guidelines for Emerging Liturgies (Wipf and Stock, 2006) and What’s Love Got to Do with It?: How the Heart of God Shapes Worship (Wipf and Stock, 2016).

By this author

  • When we gather each week, we participate through thick and thin practices. We benefit from both and both play important parts in the liturgy. But given a choice between the two, choose thick.

    As Christ-followers, we worship the Lord through thick and thin. We worship the Lord in good times and bad, with plenty and with little, after victory and after defeat, during storms and while basking in the sun.

  • While few of us spend much time in the Old Testament book of Leviticus, when we do we discover an exciting truth: our God loves to party. In fact, he prescribed three seasonal festivals of worship and remembrance for his people.